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Dr. Duffy discusses heart disease in women

Women are terrific at multitasking — juggling all the demands life can hold. The result is that your health, specifically the health of your heart, can suffer.

Making time to take care of yourself can be a challenge but one that we know you can meet. And, at Jefferson, you are not alone. Because our doctors are women, too, whose job it is to help you take care of your heart.

Women's Heart Experts at Jefferson

The health needs of women are different from men. That's why we have some of the most highly skilled and trained professionals in treating and managing heart disease in women.

If you or someone you care for needs a cardiologist, we hope you will call us to help.

At the Jefferson Heart Institute, we emphasize the prevention and management of cardiovascular disorders, as well as advancing the use of innovative noninvasive approaches to treating patients without open-heart surgery.

Why Choose Jefferson for Heart Care?

  • Our Chest Pain Center is accredited by the Society of Chest Pain Centers and leverages the expertise of cardiologists, emergency physicians and nurse specialists.
  • Philadelphia magazine named Jefferson a Top Hospital for Heart.
  • Our physicians have participated in numerous landmark clinical trials and conduct research on an ongoing basis.