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Ureteral Cancer Testing

Our experts at Jefferson's Clinical Cancer Genetics Service will work with you to identify if you are predisposed to ureteral cancer.

Upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma (UTUC) is a rare cancer of the renal pelvis or ureter, which allows urine to flow out of the kidney to the bladder. UTUC has recently been linked to hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC), also known as Lynch syndrome.

Genetic Testing Criteria for Hereditary Ureteral Cancer

You may meet criteria for hereditary prostate cancer if any of the following are observed for you and/or your family:

  • Age of diagnosis  before 60
  • Personal history of any HNPCC-associated cancer (colon, endometrial, sebaceous adenoma, hepatobiliary, small intestine)
  • One first-degree relative with HNPCC-associated cancer diagnosed  before 50
  • Two first-degree relatives with HNPCC-associated cancer diagnosed at any age

Our genetic counselor will review your family and medical history and provide information related to the following:

  • Discussion of the roles genes play in the development of cancer
  • Personalized cancer risk assessment
  • Individualized cancer screening recommendations
  • Cancer risk-reduction options and prevention strategies
  • Discussion of the benefits and limitations of genetic testing
  • Genetic testing, if appropriate
  • Opportunity to participate in research studies focused on cancer risk and prevention

Make an Appointment

Please call Laura Gross, BA (Program Manager), at 215-503-5285, to schedule an appointment or for more information about hereditary ureteral cancer.