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Ureteral Cancer

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Ureteral cancer also known as renal pelvic cancer is relatively rare. Unfortunately this type of cancer typically has no warning signs or symptoms in its earliest stages. One of the first symptoms you may experience is blood in your urine but this can be a symptom of many other conditions.

It is important to see your doctor if this symptom should occur to determine the cause. As with any type of cancer, early detection can mean a better outcome. If you are diagnosed with ureteral cancer, turn to the urologists at Jefferson's Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center for your treatment. As an NCI designated cancer center, you will have access to a team of specialists that will consult with you regarding your treatment options.

Our multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment leads to better disease management as everyone involved in your treatment is working together with you to ensure you are receiving the best care.

Depending upon your specific condition, the size and location of the tumor, surgery is the most common treatment for these types of cancer. Minimally invasive approaches including laparoscopic and robotic procedures may be an option.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are the best way patients can receive new therapies and procedures. To find out if a clinical trial might be right for you, ask your health care provider or contact the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Clinical Research Management Office at 215-955-1661.