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Throat Cancer

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Throat Cancer
  • Among the Nation's Best for Cancer
    Among the Nation's Best for Cancer
    U.S. News has named Jefferson among the best hospitals in the nation for Cancer care.
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Throat cancer, also known as laryngeal cancer, can affect the voice box (larynx), part of the tongue and the tonsils (the pharynx), and below the voice box to the windpipe (subglottis and trachea.) This type of cancer is most common in men over age 50. Signs and symptoms include unexplained sore throat and ear pain.

If you are diagnosed with throat cancer, the experienced and multidisciplinary team from Jefferson's Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and the Kimmel Cancer Center – Jefferson Health in Philadelphia can carefully guide you through available treatment options that address all your medical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Treatment Options for Laryngeal Cancer

Rated among the best hospitals in the nation for Cancer, according to U.S.News & World Report, our Center brings together the expertise of Jefferson Health oncologists, radiation therapists, radiologists and otolaryngologists to give a thorough evaluation and devise a personalized treatment plan based on the size of the tumor, its location and the progression of your cancer. Our physicians may also determine if you are eligible to receive experimental treatments through clinical trials conducted at Jefferson Health on an ongoing basis.

If surgery is recommended, Jefferson Health specialists will work with you following your procedure to manage complications that might make it difficult to swallow, eat solid foods or speak. We will provide the necessary therapy to help you improve functioning in these areas.