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Surfer's Ear (Exostosis)

Surfer's ear (exostosis is the medical term) got its name after the irritation of a bone growth surrounding one's ear canal due to prolonged exposure to cold wind and water while surfing. This irritation causes the bone to develop multiple bony growths, which constrict the ear canal. Not limited to surfing, the condition can also occur during similar cold/windy activities such as kayaking, sailing and jet skiing. To find out if you have surfer's ear and how you can take preventive measures, come see a Jefferson otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat physician).

Recognized by U.S.News & World Report as among the best in the nation for Ear, Nose and Throat, our otolaryngologists will ask about your symptoms and, based on the findings, may suggest surgery to remove the obstructing bone in the ear canal.