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Slow Infant Weight Gain

If you are breastfeeding your baby, weight gain is a sign of good health. However, sometimes a healthy baby will gain weight slowly, because of its own unique metabolism. In some situations, slow weight gain may be a sign of a problem.

If your baby does not regain weight by two to three weeks after birth or exhibits a dramatic drop in rate of growth, consult the pediatricians at Jefferson. If you are breastfeeding and feel your baby may not be getting enough milk, our international board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) in our Childbirth Program/Parent Education are experienced in dealing with many breastfeeding issues. We will ask you a lot of questions about you and your baby to determine if there is a problem or if your baby is simply gaining weight at a slower rate.

Questions About Breastfeeding?

Jefferson has a "Warm Line" for breastfeeding mothers to call day or night with questions about breastfeeding. Calls are returned within 24 hours. Please call 215-955-6665.