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An infection of the sinuses near the nose is called sinusitis. These infections can be acute, chronic or recurrent and can be caused by the common cold or an allergic inflammation. You may be experiencing symptoms such as swelling and facial pain, debilitating headaches and nasal congestion with discharge. For expert diagnosis and treatment of sinusitis, you can count on Jefferson Hospitals' family medicine physicians, pediatricians and otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat specialists).

If your sinusitis is chronic – lasting eight weeks or longer – you may find that you're responding slowly to antibiotics. In this case, sinus surgery may be required. Jefferson otolaryngologists and head and neck surgeons perform the most sinus surgeries in the Delaware Valley including sinuplasty, which involves a balloon-tipped catheter threaded over a guidewire and inserted through the nose and into the sinus cavity. The procedure, known as Balloon Sinuplasty™, is designed to open up sinus drainage pathways.