Jefferson University Hospitals

Retinitis Pigmentosa

If you or someone you know is living with retinitis pigmentosa, the gradual loss of vision can be a devastating diagnosis. The specialists at Wills Eye Hospital, which houses Jefferson's Department of Ophthalmology, can aid in the management of your disease and protect your retinas from exposure to the sun to maintain your vision for as long as possible.

At the Retina Service, our ophthalmologists and staff are dedicated to the treatment and study of diseases that affect the retina and vitreous. While there is still no cure for retinitis pigmentosa, considerable research is being done to find the hereditary cause. As hereditary defects are discovered, it may be possible to develop treatments to prevent progression of the disease. The Service treats more than 4,700 patients each year and has some of the best retina specialists in the country on staff.

Wills Eye has stood for excellence in eye care for more than a century and a half. Our home in Center City Philadelphia is one of the most advanced eye centers ever constructed. Not only are we better able to provide the unequaled care you've come to expect from Wills Eye, but our education and research capabilities are second to none.