Jefferson University Hospitals


Septic Shock

Septic shock is caused when an infection causes your blood pressure to drop to such low levels that it is necessary to receive treatment from one of our experts.


Take comfort in knowing you will receive prompt diagnosis and treatment for septicemia (blood poisoning), a life-threatening and fast-developing infection, which may be an indicator of meningitis.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder

To reach an accurate diagnosis, our staff will ask you questions about your work hours and how much you sleep when considering shift work sleep disorder.

Shin Splints

As one of the largest sports medicine services in the country, our specialists are dedicated to diagnosing and treating shin splints and other sports-related injuries.

Shoulder Dislocation

Our physicians are experts in the anatomy of the shoulder and will provide the best treatment to repair your injury.

Shoulder Pain

Our pain management-trained specialists will provide you with leading-edge treatments for shoulder pain.

Shoulder Tendonitis

Whether you're living with tendonitis as a result of injury or because of an underlying condition such as arthritis, you will receive expert care from our skilled specialists.


Dehydration is linked to the causing of sialolithiasis, a condition which stones form within a salivary gland.

Sickle Cell Disease

Our program is among the best in the Philadelphia region for expertly diagnosing and treating sickle cell disease, a genetic disease affecting red blood cells.

Sinonasal Cancer

For an expert diagnosis of sinonasal cancer, a cancer of the sinuses and nasal cavity, consult the experienced team at Jefferson.