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Facial Aging

Genetic factors, environmental factors and habitual behavior, such as smoking and alcohol, influence skin changes as you age.

Facial Asymmetry

A condition known as facial asymmetry occurs when the face is not symmetrical or evenly balanced.

Facial Fractures

After a trauma to the face the inability to bring your teeth together, blurry vision, or a nosebleed may be symptoms of a facial fracture.

Facial Nerve Paralysis

Problems with the facial nerve, which are muscles that control the side of the face, may result in facial nerve paralysis, the most common cause being Bell's palsy.

Facial Trauma

Any injury to the mouth, face or jaw is a facial trauma, also called maxillofacial trauma.

Fatty Liver Disease

If you have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, an accumulation of fat in the liver, it may cause inflammation and scarring.

Fecal Incontinence

Fecal incontinence, a motility disorder, is commonly caused by chronic constipation.


A fever is a higher-than-normal body temperature and is a part of our body's natural response to infection.


Our specialists provide personalized care for fibromyalgia, chronic muscle pain.

Fibrous Dysplasia

Fibrous dysplasia is an uncommon bone disease where fibrous bone tissue replaces the normal bone.