Jefferson University Hospitals


Breast Infections and Inflammations

For expert diagnosis and treatment of breast infections and inflammation during breast feeding, turn to our certified lactation consultants.

Breast Lumps (Common, Benign)

Our specialists can provide the latest imaging and surgical techniques to determine if the lump is cancerous or benign.

Broken Heart Syndrome

Severe stress can cause an actual condition known as broken heart syndrome (BHS), or Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, which often has symptoms similar to a heart attack.


Our pulmonologists diagnosis bronchiectasis, which is an abnormal dilation or widening and destruction of the large airways, and recommend the most effective course of treatment.


Our pulmonologists will help identify the cause for bronchiolitis, the inflammation of the small airways of the lung, and offer therapies that will help improve the disease.


Serious complications can be caused by bruxism, when a person unintentionally grinds or clenches their teeth.


When the bursa is irritated, which is a fluid-filled sac between tissues, it is known as bursitis.