Jefferson University Hospitals


Addison's Disease

Our specialists provide expert evaluation and management for Addison's disease, which is a rare disease that prevents the adrenal glands from producing enough hormones.


Our expert physicians develop customized treatment plans when tending to adenocarcinoma of the stomach.

Adjustment Disorders

Highly trained and experienced mental health professionals help ease a person’s suffering when living with a traumatic incident.

Adrenal Gland Tumor

Experienced specialists work with each patient to provide the best treatment plan for adrenal gland tumors.

Advanced Heart Failure

Our specialists provide personal treatment for patients with heart failure, a condition that prevents the heart from pumping enough blood for the body.

Advanced Sleep-Phase Syndrome (ASPS)

Specialists help those with sleeping disorders, such as advanced sleep-phase syndrome, by providing treatment options specific to each person.

Airway Stenosis (Laryngotracheal Stenosis)

A narrowing of the airway can lead to wheezing, hoarseness and shortness of breath.

Alcohol-Induced Liver Disease

Excessive amounts of alcohol contribute to an increased risk of liver disease. Our specialists treat each patient with personalized plans to help reverse the damage.

Alcoholic Hepatitis

Specialists in the treatment of liver diseases, such as alcoholic hepatitis, work with patients to help reverse liver damage and prevent more serious complications.


Our allergy and immunology specialists provide the care and expertise needed for life-threatening allergies.