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Pulmonary Embolism

Blood clots commonly occur in hospitalized patients who are sick and immobilized due to a variety of conditions including surgery, cancer and heart failure. Most blood clots originate in the legs (a condition known as deep venous thrombosis) but when they spread to the lungs, it's life-threatening and causes a pulmonary embolism.

The medical team of the Jefferson Vascular Center has the specialized expertise to treat a pulmonary embolism before it becomes a potentially life-threatening condition. Prevention is most important in patients with risks. Jefferson physicians are experienced in diagnosing this condition and using medication therapy to reduce clots, as well as removing them through a minimally invasive catheter procedure. For patients who cannot take anticoagulant medication or for whom they are not effective, our physicians may insert a filter into the vena cava (a large vein in the abdomen) to prevent clots from entering the lungs.

Since caring for vascular conditions such as a pulmonary embolism often involves more than one medical specialty, the Jefferson Vascular Center employs an integrated approach that combines the expertise of specialists in internal medicine, pulmonary, cardiology, interventional cardiology, radiology and vascular surgery. Our team of physicians, nurses and pharmacists will coordinate your care and provide personalized consultations and follow-up visits.

We also provide access to the most advanced technologies and techniques used in the treatment of vascular diseases, thanks in part to our participation and leading role in clinical studies.

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