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Acute pancreatitis usually involves a single "attack," after which the pancreas returns to normal. Severe acute pancreatitis can be life-threatening. With chronic pancreatitis, permanent damage occurs to the pancreas and its function, often leading to fibrosis (scarring). Jefferson's team of digestive disease physicians is experienced in diagnosing and treating pancreatitis with the goal of reversing damage to the pancreas and preventing serious complications such diabetes, kidney failure and pancreatic cancer.

Your Jefferson medical team, drawing upon the expertise of specialists including gastroenterologists and endocrinologists, will provide personalized care to manage the pain and complications of your pancreatitis.

In addition, we will help you manage the disease through a multifaceted approach that may include managing diabetes, dietary changes or removing gallstones that cause pancreatitis. If your pancreatitis is related to alcohol dependence, we can help coordinate your substance abuse treatment.