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Remote Medical Second Opinion

Steps to getting a Remote Medical Second Opinion Consultation

Step 1   If you would like to receive a second opinion from Dr. Sato, please call 215-955-8874 to submit the request. A Jefferson representative will review your eligibility, provide you with the required forms and assist you through the process.

Step 2   Your local treating physician must provide a written request for a medical second opinion consultation from Dr. Sato. After the required forms are completed, you will mail us copies of your pertinent medical records and diagnostic test results. A fee will be charged to a credit card prior to the records being reviewed.

Step 3   A Jefferson representative will contact you to set up the telephone or video discussion .A formal report containing the Dr. Sato’s assessment and recommendation(s) will be mailed or faxed to you and your local physician.

Our Doctors

Takami Sato, MD, PhD

As director of the Metastatic Uveal Melanoma Program at Jefferson, Dr. Sato heads one of the few programs in the United States treating melanoma originating in the eye. Dr. Sato has devoted his career to improving understanding of this disease and developing new treatments, particularly for patients who are not eligible for surgery. Dr. Sato’s studies focus on cancer immunotherapy, or the use of the immune system to fight cancer.

Conditions Treated

Ocular Melanoma

The incidence of ocular, or uveal, melanoma is very low – about six cases per one million Americans – but the chances are good that patients with advanced stages of the disease will seek treatment at Jefferson. Jefferson has become a national referral center for patients whose ocular cancer has metastasized; in fact two-thirds of our patients with the disease travel from outside of the tri-state area. If you have been diagnosed with ocular melanoma, the most common malignant tumor originating in the eye, our medical oncologists and interventional radiologists can carefully guide you through available treatment options.