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If you or someone you love is experiencing chronic problems with sleep, it may be narcolepsy, a sleep disorder. The experienced medical team of the Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center will work hard to diagnose your disorder and provide advanced treatment. The Center was the first such program in the area and is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Treatment options include the use of devices such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), oral appliances, medications and psychotherapy. Behavioral management techniques are frequently employed and include relaxation training with biofeedback, hypnosis, stimulus control therapy, chronotherapy, sleep hygiene management, phototherapy and sleep restriction.

Women experience sleep problems twice as often as men, and we recognize the unique characteristics of women's sleep challenges. That's why we formed the Women's Program at the Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center. Our team of specialists will recommend an optimal course of treatment for you.

Narcolepsy in Children

Children with narcolepsy experience constant sleepiness and find themselves falling asleep at unusual times. Although relatively uncommon, if left undiagnosed it can greatly impact a child's life. The highly skilled specialists within Jefferson's Pediatric Sleep Medicine Program can evaluate your child's condition by performing a thorough physical exam and medical history as well as an overnight sleep study, if necessary.

If your child is undergoing a sleep study at Jefferson, our staff is willing to accommodate a parent's or caregiver's needs so that you and your child feel as comfortable as possible during the overnight stay. If you'd like to stay in the room with your child, we can provide a cot or recliner for you to sleep on. If you prefer to sleep in an adjacent room, we will provide you with a wireless baby monitor so that you can hear your child should he or she need you.

Make an Appointment

Call 1-800-JEFF-NOW (1-800-533-3669) to make an appointment with a narcolepsy specialist at Jefferson Health.