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Multiple Pregnancy

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A multiple pregnancy is defined as having two or more fetuses. If you have discovered you have a multiple pregnancy, perinatologists (specialists in high-risk pregnancy) of the Jefferson Maternal-Fetal Health Center will ensure that you and your babies are well cared for from the early months through delivery. Our perinatologists work together with a dedicated team of obstetricians, genetics professionals, neonatologists and nurse specialists.

Our physicians have more combined years of practice in maternal-fetal medicine than you'll find at any other healthcare facility in the Philadelphia region. We work as partners with your obstetrician and are pleased to provide consultation with any obstetrician you select, regardless of the physician's hospital affiliation. Or, we can help you find an experienced obstetrician at Jefferson to deliver your baby and work closely with us in your care.

If your physician recommends a Cesarean delivery for your multiple pregnancy, you can take comfort in knowing that Jefferson's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has a dedicated Anesthesia Department. What that means for you is that there is 24-7 availability of anesthesiologists who have received specialized training in working with expectant mothers. Our anesthesiologists will work with your ob-gyn to plan the specific types of medication that are appropriate for your needs and the needs of your unborn children.

Jefferson is the only hospital in the Delaware Valley with the capability of providing intensive care for both newborns and high-risk mothers through our partnership with the Nemours Children’s Health. If you choose to deliver your baby at Jefferson, you have the comfort of knowing you will not be separated from your newborn if he or she requires critical care following delivery.