Jefferson University Hospitals

Lyme Disease

While most tick bites are harmless, several species can cause life-threatening diseases. If you are diagnosed with Lyme disease, physicians in Jefferson's Infectious Diseases Outpatient Clinic will ensure you are diagnosed correctly.

This condition can be difficult to diagnose, and complications from untreated early-stage disease can include joint disease, neurologic disease, carditis and hospitalization. Your Jefferson physician will determine the best treatment plan based on your individual situation.

If you are planning to travel outside of the United States, where ticks are present, it is extremely important to talk with a travel medicine specialist as far in advance of your trip as possible. Jefferson's Travel Medicine Services offer convenient and comprehensive services. Based on where you plan to journey, our specialists can advise you of the precautions you should take. During your visit, our team will also provide helpful hints to keep you healthy before and during your trip.

If your Lyme disease is chronic, you may consider seeing the acupuncturists and Oriental medicine practitioners of Jefferson's Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program. Acupuncture is one of the most widely used complementary therapies in the United States. In its purest form, it is used in the context of a complete healing arts system known as Oriental medicine, which originated from ancient Chinese medicine. There is growing evidence for the effectiveness of acupuncture and other related modalities for a wide range of ailments.

Making an appointment

To schedule an appointment with an infectious disease specialist, please call 215-955-7785. The Outpatient Clinic is located at 834 Walnut Street, Suite 650, in Center City Philadelphia.

Appointments for Travel Medicine Services are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. To schedule a consultation, please call 215-955-0860. Although it's ideal to schedule your appointment six to eight weeks before your departure date, if you're leaving sooner, please don't assume you cannot or should not seek care. The Travel Medicine Office is located at 833 Chestnut Street, Suite 205, within the University Health Services Office in Center City Philadelphia.