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Lyme Disease

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While most tick bites are harmless, you should contact your primary care provider if you notice fever, rash, joint or muscle pain after a tick bite. Your Jefferson primary care provider can diagnose and treat acute Lyme disease. If you develop a rash after a tick bite, you can also consider using JeffConnect to see a board-certified Jefferson emergency medicine physician from the comfort of your home.

Rarely, untreated Lyme disease can include complications such as neurologic disease or heart involvement severe enough to require hospitalization. Your Jefferson physician can guide your treatment plan based on your individual situation.

Lyme disease spreads through the bite of an infected tick. Preventing tick exposure is the most important way to prevent Lyme disease. Avoid grassy and wooded areas especially during spring and summer months. If you are planning to be in those areas, use insect repellent designed for ticks. After being outdoors, shower and check your body for ticks.

Lyme disease is most often curable, especially when treated early. However, some patients develop fatigue, joint pains, and mental fogginess – symptoms of what has been termed post-Lyme disease syndrome. These symptoms can be very debilitating for some. Post-Lyme disease syndrome research is ongoing and how it might be treated. Jefferson doctors have learned that additional courses of antibiotics have not been helpful. 

Our infectious diseases specialists at Jefferson carefully follow published guidelines crafted by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) regarding the treatment of Lyme disease.

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Call 1-800-JEFF-NOW (1-800-533-3669) and speak with a representative who will assist you in making an appointment with one of our specialists or request an appointment online:

If your primary care doctor has asked you to see an infectious disease specialist, please call 215-955-7785. The outpatient clinic is located at 1015 Chestnut St, Suite 1020, in Center City Philadelphia.