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Ineffective Latch-On or Sucking

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The research is clear: your milk is the best milk for your baby, and it is the ideal food for your baby's first several months. Babies must be able to effectively remove milk from the breast in order to get the appropriate nutrition, and for you to continue producing enough milk.

There are many reasons why your baby can't suck effectively including a premature birth, labor and delivery medication or jaundice. It may also be an acute condition. In any case, it is important to notice the signs that your baby is not getting the milk it needs. For any issue with your newborn, turn to the international board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) of Jefferson's Childbirth Program/Parent Education, who will help you find the best solution for you and your baby.

Questions About Breastfeeding?

Jefferson Health has a "Warm Line" for breastfeeding mothers to call day or night with questions about breastfeeding. Calls are returned within 24 hours. Please call 215-955-6665.

The Abington-Jefferson Health Warmline number is 215-481-6104. 

The Jefferson Health- New Jersey Warmline number 609-941-2383 and can be reached daily from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.