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Hepatitis B

While there is no cure for hepatitis B, most people fully recover from it. Some people who develop chronic hepatitis B, however, may require intensive treatment. Jefferson hepatologists (physicians who specialize in the treatment of the liver) are experienced in diagnosing and treating hepatitis B with the goal of reducing symptoms and preventing serious complications such as cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer.

Our hepatologists will provide personalized care to help you manage your disease through a multifaceted approach that may include medication therapy and lifestyle changes.

If damage to your liver cannot be controlled, a liver transplant may be necessary. Jefferson is home to the longest continuously active liver transplantation program in the Philadelphia area, in fact, we performed the first liver transplant in the Delaware Valley. Jefferson is also designated a Live Donor Liver Transplant Center by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the organization that administers the nation's policies on organ transplantation and procurement.

Transplantation specialists at Jefferson have developed innovative therapies to improve the quality of life for our liver transplant patients, including new antirejection protocols. Our surgeons also use an innovative bloodless technique for removing the liver, eliminating the need for a blood transfusion and helping to improve the survival rate and reduce the length of hospital stays and infection.

Reducing Your Risk of Exposure to Hepatitis B

For expert help in reducing your risk of exposure to hepatitis B while traveling, turn to the Travel Medicine Services team at Jefferson. Our services are comprehensive and convenient. Based on where you plan to journey, we can advise you of the precautions you should take and administer the needed vaccinations – all in one visit to our Center City Philadelphia office. During your visit, our team will also provide helpful hints to keep you healthy before and during your trip.

Although it's ideal to schedule your appointment six to eight weeks before your departure date, if you're leaving sooner, please don't assume you cannot or should not seek care. Appointments for Travel Medicine Services are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. To schedule a consultation, please call 215-955-0860.

The Travel Medicine Office is located at 833 Chestnut Street, Suite 205, within the University Health Services Office in Center City Philadelphia.

Construction and Change of Entrance Notice

Due to construction at 833 Chestnut Street, patients being seen at this location will now enter the building nearby at 33 South 9th Street (entrance located around the corner on 9th Street). This will become the new permanent entrance for all Jefferson Health outpatient practices as well as the Jefferson Pharmacy and Outpatient Lab Services.

If you have any questions, please contact your healthcare provider office.