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Endometriosis is defined as the presence of endometrial tissue (which normally lines the inside of the uterus) growing outside the uterine cavity; the endometriosis tissue grows in the pelvic cavity and can affect the fallopian tubes, the ovaries and other pelvic structures. Endometriosis can contribute to pelvic pain and infertility, at least partly by causing scarring in and around the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Jefferson Health obstetricians and gynecologists can provide accurate diagnosis and treatment of this condition. If you have endometriosis and are concerned about your ability to conceive a child, fertility specialists at Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) at Jefferson Health can provide appropriate testing and a fertility treatment plan.

How is Endometriosis Diagnosed?

While many women with endometriosis complain of painful periods (dysmenorrhea), pain with intercourse (dyspareunia) and premenstrual spotting, many have no symptoms.

Some women will benefit from a surgical procedure called laparoscopy to diagnose endometriosis, especially if pelvic pain is present.

How is Endometriosis Treated?

Taking birth control pills and other medications that lower or block estrogen can aid in improving pain symptoms.

If you have endometriosis and you want to become pregnant, surgery modestly enhances fertility; considerably better pregnancy rates are obtained with a variety of fertility treatments including intrauterine inseminations (IUIs) and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Why Choose Jefferson Health for Endometriosis Treatment?

Recognized as leaders in reproductive medicine, our fertility doctors aim to use the least invasive yet most effective therapies available in order to help patients have healthy babies without delay. Each patient will receive an individualized treatment plan suited to his or her needs and preferences.

We are extremely proud of our pregnancy success rates with in vitro fertilization.

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Schedule an Appointment with an Ob-Gyn

To schedule an appointment with an ob-gyn, please call 1-800-JEFF-NOW (1-800-533-3669) or use the online appointment form.

To schedule an appointment with one of our fertility specialists, please call 215-922-1556. Flexible financing options, a refund guarantee program, military and first-responder discounts, and financial aid programs each aim to make our world-class care as widely available as possible. To reach out to a financial counselor, please e-mail