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Cirrhosis (Chronic Liver Disease)

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Dr. Herrine discusses patient risks and options for treatment

Jefferson Health has a long tradition of outstanding success in the treatment of patients with all forms of acute and chronic liver disease. Our hepatologists, physicians who specialize in the treatment of diseases of the liver, are experienced in diagnosing and treating cirrhosis through a full range of medical and surgical options. Our specialists will provide personalized care with the goal of reducing damage to your liver, which may include medication therapy or treatment for alcohol dependence if necessary.

If damage to your liver cannot be controlled, a liver transplant may be necessary. Jefferson Health is home to the longest continuously active liver transplantation program in the Philadelphia area, in fact, the first liver transplant in the Delaware Valley was performed at Jefferson Health.

Jefferson Health is also designated a Live Donor Liver Transplant Center by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the organization that administers the nation's policies on organ transplantation and procurement. The designation makes Jefferson Health a liver transplant program for both live donor and deceased donor livers.

Transplantation specialists at Jefferson Health have developed innovative therapies to improve the quality of life for our liver transplant patients, including new antirejection protocols. Our surgeons also use an innovative bloodless technique for removing the liver, eliminating the need for a blood transfusion and helping to improve the survival rate and reduce the length of hospital stay and infection.