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Advanced Sleep-Phase Syndrome (ASPS)

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Unlike delayed sleep-phase syndrome, where you go to sleep late and wake up late, advanced sleep-phase syndrome (ASPS) causes you to go to sleep in the early evening and wake up in the early morning. For an accurate diagnosis of this disorder, seek the expertise of sleep medicine specialists of the Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center in Philadelphia.

Many people who have ASPS get quality sleep, but many feel alienated when they have to skip out of social gatherings in the evenings because of overwhelming sleepiness. They may also feel too sleepy to function in the afternoons and evenings. If having ASPS is causing a problem with your social or business life, our specialists may recommend treatment.

Treatment Options for ASPS

  • Bright light therapy, so you are better able to go to bed and fall asleep at a relatively normal time in the evening, and able to wake up and get out of bed at a normal time the next day
  • Prescribed sleep/wake scheduling. By recommending gradual adjustments in your bedtime patterns, sleep specialists can gradually shift your sleep/wake times to more normal patterns

Rated a Top Hospital for Sleep Disorders by Philadelphia magazine, the Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center was the first such program in the Philadelphia area and is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.