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What is Women's Primary Care?

Jefferson Women's Primary Care provides expert care in a respectful and compassionate environment. Our interdisciplinary team of dedicated professionals are committed to providing convenient, comprehensive care to women and their families.

Learn more about Our Doctors as well as the thought leadership they drive through Research and Education.

What is Women's Health?

Jefferson Women's Primary Care specializes in women's health - by that, we're referring, but not limited, to issues such as:

  • Reproductive and maternal health
  • Conditions that are unique, more common, or under-recognized in women
  • Conditions that are common in men and women, but may have different causes or treatments in women

We are singularly concerned with the overall health of every patient, female or male, and focus our efforts accordingly.

Our Programs

We apply our specialties to a number of programs that affect women, such as:

We also boast a strong track record of collaborative care and clinical research in oncology, surgery, urology, gynecology, sports medicine, dermatology and gastroenterology.

Telehealth Consultations

Jefferson Women's Primary Care offers Telehealth Consultations to assist women with their healthcare needs. We also offer Telehealth Second Opinion Consultations specifically for women with PCOS.

For a telehealth consultation, call (215) 503-4779 and ask for Tenisha Smith.

Make an Appointment

Wish to make an appointment with our Jefferson Women's Primary Care physicians?

Call 1-800-JEFF-NOW (1-800-533-3669) to make an appointment.

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