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Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center patients

The Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center's multidisciplinary clinic was designed to meet all of our patients' medical and psychosocial needs in one visit.

Improving Your Quality of Life

A comprehensive and compassionate care that is committed to improving clinical outcomes and the quality of life for patients with ALS and their families. ALS patients who participate in a multidisciplinary clinics generally live longer, stay healthier and are more satisfied with their care.

When you come to our clinic, it is our hope that our personalized approach, tailored to the unique needs of each patient, will provide you and your loved ones the highest level of care, support and information that you deserve. We employ a concierge approach through our multidisciplinary team so that one visit can provide a  comprehensive care plan for patients and their families.

What can I expect on my first visit?

  • Consultation and/or diagnostics from a neurologist, pulmonologist, physiatrist, and speech/swallowing
  • Discussions with social workers, mental health workers, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, and palliative care as needed by you
  • Personalized education and detailed information about your disease
  • A unique roadmap to manage your disease progression following clinical assessment by the team
  • One single co-pay
  • A welcoming environment with light refreshments

Clinical Services

  • Neurological Care: Delivering diagnostics, compassionate care, and support that provides you with the necessary knowledge to manage ALS symptoms.
  • Nutritional Care: Working with you to find foods or nutritional supplements that meet your diet recommendations.
  • Occupational Therapy: Enabling you and your caregivers to continue participating in meaningful personal activities and roles.
  • Palliative Care: Assisting you and your caregivers in deciding what kinds of treatment will work best for you.
  • Physical Therapy: Providing the tools and techniques to help you with activities of daily living, like walking, eating, and bathing.
  • Pulmonary Care: Improving your quality of life by managing respiratory performance.
  • Social Work: Addressing your concerns and helping you navigate health insurance, legal issues, and disability benefits.
  • Speech Therapy: Maintaining intelligible speech/communication, and monitoring your swallowing function.
  • Tissue and Biofluids Bank: Providing you the option to donate samples for ongoing research efforts in understanding and stopping ALS.

Areas of Support

We deliver diagnostics, compassionate care, and support that provides you with the necessary knowledge to manage ALS symptoms, including:
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Breathing
  • Communicating
  • Psychosocial Issues
  • Swallowing and Eating

The team is led by Goran Rakocevic, MD, the Center's clinical director.

Judith Guarnieri, MSN, CRNP, is the nurse practitioner dedicated exclusively to our Center.

The ALS Clinic provides a comprehensive and compassionate care committed to improving clinical outcomes and the  quality of life of patients with ALS and their families through continuous communication and support, and dedication  to the advancement of learning and research. Weinberg ALS Clinic is centered on Thomas Jefferson’s core humanistic values and legacy, and involves the personal that epitomizes the best of Jefferson.

- Goran Rakocevic, MD, Neurologist and Clinical Director, Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center

Make An Appointment

Appointments are available every Friday for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of ALS. Diagnostic services are also available. If you have been told you have ALS, or have been asked to see an ALS specialist for a possible diagnosis, we can help. Please call the Jefferson Weinberg ALS Program Manager, Kate Monahan at 215-503-4294 or 215-955-8800.

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