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Comprehensive Weight Management Center

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We see you not your weight

Successfully managing your weight takes time, dedication, and support in order to have long-term, lasting effects on your overall health – it’s a lifetime commitment. At Jefferson Health’s Comprehensive Weight Management Center, we’re ready to take that journey with you.

Rather than focusing on the latest diet, workout plan, or the number on a scale, our Jefferson Health professionals prefer to focus on the individual. Together we will discover the right method and mode of weight management that best suits YOU.

Our Programs & Treatments

We offer a full range of weight management approaches in order to align with each patient’s needs. Be it guidance in nutritional or physical activity, intensive behavioral counseling, medication therapy, and/or surgery, we are dedicated to the creating the correct plan for each patient. Our plans can include various health services, up to and including such as:

In addition to other programs and treatments offered, a Certified Obesity Medicine Physician is part of the center and possesses special training in the treatment of obesity. As a certified physician, they are trained to incorporate each patient’s genetic, biologic, environmental, social, and behavioral factors that contribute to obesity. They will employ therapeutic interventions, including reviewing current medications, health histories, and lifestyles in order to identify factors that may be contributing to your weight.

Not all services offered may be covered under your insurance. You can speak with our specialists or your insurance provider to learn more.

Why Choose Jefferson Health's Comprehensive Weight Management Center?

Jefferson's weight loss experts treat the person, not just the pounds.

At the Jefferson Comprehensive Weight Management Center we treat excess weight medically or surgically, as a disease that warrants respect and serious treatment.

We understand that obesity is not about losing an extra couple of pounds – it's a chronic condition that requires long-term care and vigilance. Jefferson’s Comprehensive Weight Management Center provides an ongoing, personally tailored experience that is designed to build the healthiest you.

Our professionals want to ensure that every patient receives the right approach, regardless of weight loss attempts in the past. Together we will find the safest and most effective treatment options for you. We’re here to offer help and guidance as well as scientific clarity and optimal care in all things related to weight management.

A Team Approach to Weight Management

Jefferson’s Comprehensive Weight Management Center takes an educative and supportive approach to weight management. We are dedicated to guidance and skill development, in an effort to make sure that you have the tools and help you need to manage your health. In order to accomplish this, our team consists of:

  • Registered dieticians who teach group classes and conduct personal sessions regarding appropriate eating plans
  • Physician specialists in obesity who manage medication-based weight management and diabetes
  • Bariatric and Metabolic surgeons offering minimally invasive and robotic procedures to help those with obesity begin a healthier life
  • Nurse practitioners who help patients with continuity of treatment

As a team, we want to make sure our patients learn about their physiology and how that relates to making healthy changes. We also strive to prevent self-blame behavior that prevents a patient from focusing on the constructive and manageable aspects of healthier lifestyle changes.

Nutrition is a big part of weight management, but physical activity and developing healthy habits are just as important. Together we will build a toolbox, full of these skills, with which you can manage your weight in the long term.

Make an Appointment

If this is your time to safely and effectively manage your weight, call 1-800-JEFF-NOW (1-800-533-3669) to make an appointment with our specialists. You can also schedule and appointment online.