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Make an investment that will enable research and treatment of ALS. Your generosity today has the power to create possibility for generations.

Your Contribution Directly Supports the Weinberg ALS Center, its Patients and Their Families.


With your contributions we can:

  • Purchase state of the art technology to push the limits of ALS research
  • Generate new patient-derived cell models from skin or blood to increase our understanding of the ALS spectrum
  • Develop more personalized therapeutics
  • Support research members committed to finding an answer to ALS

The Legacy of Life

Weinberg Family Story

Vickie Weinberg

Vickie Weinberg: "When my dear father, Joe Weinberg, died of ALS almost 50 years ago, at the age of 54, I was totally devastated. It left me with a feeling of helplessness because there was nothing that I could do to help him or to fight ALS. Just watching what ALS was doing to him was unbearable, but he handled all that he went through with grace and dignity! He never once complained over the two years that ALS ravaged everything except his mind. He was just grateful that if it had to happen to anyone, better that it was to him and not any of the rest of us in the family.

This was my primary reason for wanting to establish the Institute, to find the cause and cure of ALS. My prayer is that, in my lifetime, some progress will be made - if not a cure, then something to stop the progression of the disease. Nothing would make me happier!"

Story of Farber Foundation

Vickie & Jack Farber

Vickie and Jack Farber are longtime Jeffersonians who have supported the Vickie and Jack Farber Institute for Neuroscience, the Frances and Joseph Weinberg Unit for ALS Research, endowed professorships, scholarships and signature events. Through their efforts, they have emboldened Jefferson to greater discovery, more excellent teaching and better care for those who need us most.

Jack’s steady hand on our Board of Trustees, Executive Advisory Board of the Farber Institute and numerous executive committees has helped make Jefferson a healthcare leader. Vickie’s dedication to the fight against debilitating neurological disorders has served as a powerful inspiration to our physicians, students, faculty and patients.

Make An Appointment

Appointments are available every Friday for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of ALS. Diagnostic services are also available. If you have been told you have ALS, or have been asked to see an ALS specialist for a possible diagnosis, we can help. Please call the Jefferson Weinberg ALS Clinical Coordinator, Christopher Hague at 215-955-8800.