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Neuroradiology - Head & Neck Imaging

Neuroradiology - Head & Neck Imaging

Jefferson's experienced neuroradiologists and technicians of the Division of Neuroradiology — Head and Neck Radiology, perform and interpret a heavy volume of imaging procedures each year, including MRI scans, CT scans, selective cerebral arteriograms and myelograms, as well as many referred facial, sinus, orbit, temporomandibular joint and neck cases. The Division also engages in research activities, often collaborating with other Jefferson Departments.

The neuroradiologists and technicians perform all the radiological and imaging procedures related to the nervous system, head, neck and spine at Jefferson. To aid in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with neurological disorders, staff neuroradiologists and head and neck radiologists utilize advanced imaging technologies such as high-field MRI, open MRI, PET, multislice CT, biplane angiography, Gamma Knife and a linear accelerator (LINAC).

Neuroradiology Research & Education

Visit the Division of Neuroradiology — Head and Neck Imaging at Thomas Jefferson University for more on research and education.

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