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Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center

Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center

If you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), our neurologists at the Jefferson Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center in Philadelphia will improve the quality of your life by helping you manage your disease. The Center's neurologists continue to pioneer new treatments of MS until a cure can be found.

Our physicians take an integrated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of MS and other neuroimmune and viral diseases affecting the central nervous system. At Jefferson, patients with MS have access to a full range of approved therapies and, when appropriate, are given the opportunity to participate in trials of compounds that may represent the next generation of disease- and symptom-modifying drugs.

Patient care is a team effort – neurologists are joined by physiatrists, neuro-ophthalmologists, urologists, psychiatrists and your primary care physician.

Early Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis is Critical

The factor or factors that trigger MS remain unknown, making early diagnosis difficult. The first clinical event or flare-up that indicates MS may be brief and resolve itself in a few days. This, unfortunately, can delay diagnosis until a second, often full-blown flare-up where irreversible damage may have occurred.

The trained team at Jefferson place considerable emphasis on employing advanced methods of visualizing MS indicators in order to start appropriate therapy early. At our Center, we offer leading-edge MRI facilities for clinical imaging and research. MRI is currently the most sensitive noninvasive tool for diagnosing and monitoring MS.

Spasticity Management

Jefferson is a tertiary referral center, offering specialized consultations, for patients with spasticity (a condition in which certain muscles are continuously contracted) due to neurological illnesses, including multiple sclerosis and stroke. We provide advanced spasticity management options such as botulinum toxin and intrathecal baclofen therapy.

Transverse Myelitis Management & Treatment

Jefferson also serves as a tertiary consultative referral center for the diagnosis, management and treatment of transverse myelitis caused by multiple sclerosis, injury and inflammation of the spinal cord and of the optic nerve and other conditions.

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