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Travel Medicine Services

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Travel Medicine Services

If you're planning to travel abroad, you may be thinking about the places you want to visit, the food you plan to sample and the people you may meet along the way. But whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you should also be thinking about your health – and the preventive care you may need before you leave the United States.

The Travel Medicine Services team at Jefferson can advise you of the precautions you should take and administer the needed vaccinations – all in one visit to our Center City Philadelphia office.

During your visit, our team will also provide helpful hints to keep you healthy before and during your trip.

Travel Medicine Services Offered

Jefferson's Travel Medicine Services team can provide the following services for you based on your travel destination:

  • Pre-travel needs assessment. Tell us about your travel plans, and we'll determine your immunization needs, address any complications you may experience due to your current medical conditions and generate a suggested list of "medical kit" items you should consider packing for the trip.
  • Recommended immunizations. Our staff can recommend and administer any necessary immunizations based on your destination(s).
  • Healthy travel tips and information. We'll provide tips and information on how to diminish the effects of altitude sickness, which foods and beverages to consume and the insects you should avoid to reduce the possibility of infections or other medical problems.
  • Resources for local medical care. Our staff will talk to you about online resources that can help you identify local, English-speaking medical personnel.

Paying for Travel Medicine Services

Jefferson does not accept insurance for Travel Medicine Services. Payment is due in full when services are rendered. We accept cash, checks and major credit cards. For pricing information, please call 215-955-0860.

Contact Travel Medicine Services

Although it's ideal to schedule your appointment six to eight weeks before your departure date, if you're leaving sooner, please don't assume you cannot or should not seek care. Appointments for Travel Medicine Services are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. To schedule a consultation, please call 215-955-0860.