Jefferson University Hospitals

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a family member who has had a serious trauma, how can I have this person transferred to Jefferson?

Consult with the clinical care team at your current hospital and inform them of you or your loved one's preference to be cared for at Jefferson. Learn more about transferring to Jefferson by preparing for your visit.

Once I’ve decided to request the transfer, what can I expect?

Once your doctor at  your current hospital has alerted Jefferson of your request to transfer, the Jefferson Comprehensive Traumatic Injury Care Team will immediately begin working to ensure a seamless transition for you or your loved one into the Jefferson program. Our traumatologists are available 24/7 to ensure you are safely transported to the appropriate Jefferson clinical unit. Upon arrival, you will have immediate access to our skilled clinical teams and state-of-the-art trauma care facilities.   

How quickly can a transfer be arranged?

Once Jefferson has been notified of the transfer request, the process will start immediately. Our one call transfer system ensures rapid access and immediate response for patients requiring Jefferson care.

How do I check the status of my loved one once they are transferred to Jefferson?

Call 215-955-6000 and ask to be connected to the patient’s unit for an update.