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Thoracic & Esophageal Surgery Program

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Jefferson's Thoracic Surgery Program

When you or someone you care about needs thoracic surgery, turn to the experts of Jefferson's Thoracic Surgery Program. Our team performs a wide range of procedures to treat diseases and conditions affecting organs in the chest (thorax).

In Philadelphia, we're the largest program committed to minimally invasive thoracic surgery, which typically offers smaller incisions, shorter hospital stays, less pain and faster recoveries. We also perform the highest volume of robotic thoracic surgeries, minimally invasive VATS (video-assisted thoracic surgery) lobectomies, minimally invasive esophagectomies and minimally invasive reflux procedures in the Philadelphia area.

Jefferson thoracic surgeons treat a wide range of diseases including lung cancer, esophageal cancer, pleural diseases, emphysema, acid reflux (GERD), hiatal hernias, myasthenia gravis and tumors of the thymus or mediastinum (which contains the heart).

Excellence in Thoracic Surgery

As you explore your options for thoracic surgery, consider that:

  • We are committed to remaining at the forefront of surgical breakthroughs, giving you access to the most advanced technologies available.
  • Our physicians participate in all the major national trials in thoracic surgery, giving you access to emerging procedures for diagnosis and treatment.
  • You will benefit from the Hospital's significant investments in advanced robotic operating suites and state-of-the-art endoscopy equipment and technology.
  • Our surgeons collaborate with other specialists at Jefferson. Every member of these multidisciplinary teams is dedicated to keeping you and your loved ones informed and at ease throughout the diagnostic and treatment process. We support and foster a multidisciplinary approach to treating many diseases – including lung cancer and esophageal cancer.

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