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Jefferson Expert Teleconsulting (JET)

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Because time is of the essence in diagnosing and treating many neurovascular diseases, including arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), brain aneurysms and especially stroke, Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience launched Jefferson Expert Teleconsulting in connection with its Jefferson Health Neuroscience Network (JHNN).

JET, the region's first university-based high-tech mobile robotic teleconsulting system, allows Jefferson neuroscience specialists to evaluate time-sensitive neurovascular diseases, most notably stroke, in real time and without delay. With JET, your community hospital physician can request an immediate consultation with one of our neuroscience specialists. Our specialist is able to examine you and speak directly with you and/or your family to:

  • Obtain a medical history
  • View results from lab tests and radiology studies 
  • In consultation with the attending physician at your community hospital, recommend the appropriate treatment 

A decision is then made either to continue treatment at your community hospital or to transfer you to a facility that can provide more advanced care, such as Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience.

Access to Experienced Staff & a 24/7 Remote Presence

JET facilitates access to all of the resources at JHN, including dual-trained neurosurgeons, advanced technology and leading-edge clinical trials in which we partner with the National Institutes of Health — at the disposal of patients, their families and physicians in need of a second expert opinion.

JET provides 24/7 remote presence and expertise from experienced neurologists or neurological surgeons immediately in cases where every minute can make a critical difference.

How JET Works

The Emergency Department attending physician at a Jefferson Health Neuroscience Network hospital phones Jefferson at 1-800-JEFF-121 and requests a teleneuroscience consult. Each participating hospital is supplied with a mobile robotic platform that enables the Jefferson Health Neuroscience Network physician to be remotely present. JET's panoramic visualization system and easy-to-use control interface afford physicians, patients and hospital staff a safe and effective interactive experience.

The Jefferson Health Neuroscience Network specialist on call then uses a laptop to connect to the remote hospital via the robot, obtain a medical history by speaking directly with the patient and/or family members, examine the patient and, in consultation with the Emergency Department attending physician, determine what therapy is immediately needed, in real time, without delay. The robots allow direct connection to medical devices such as electronic stethoscopes, otoscopes and ultrasound to transmit medical data to the remote physician.

Finally, a decision is made either to admit the patient to the local hospital's Critical Care Unit or transfer them to a facility that can provide more advanced care, such as Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience.