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Patient & Family Support for Cancer

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Patient & Family Support for Cancer

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson is your partner on the road to recovery. We understand that cancer can affect many aspects of your life. That's why the Jefferson staff will work with you and your family, helping to meet your physical and emotional needs during this difficult time.

Neu Center for Supportive Medicine & Cancer Survivorship

Jefferson Health is introducing a new standard of cancer care with the Neu Center for Supportive Medicine and Cancer Survivorship. As people live longer with this disease, patients and their families need a network of support to address the profound impact that cancer has on every facet of life. Interdisciplinary supportive medicine, offered through the Neu Center, provides patients and their families the services they need to tackle the emotional and physical stresses associated with a diagnosis of cancer.

Oncology Social Workers

Social workers understand that cancer is a disease that affects the entire family, and sometimes those effects last after treatment is completed. One of the main goals in offering social work services in oncology is to reduce outside stressors, which can impact a person's ability to cope with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our oncology social workers specialize in:

  • Individual, couple and family counseling to cope with illness adjustment issues, stress management and/or end-of-life issues
  • Support and referrals for symptoms of anxiety and depression related to the cancer diagnosis
  • Support for patients in talking with their children and grandchildren about their cancer diagnosis
  • Resource information and financial needs (home healthcare; medical equipment; Social Security Disability (SSD)/Social Security Insurance (SSI); prescription assistance; hospice care; insurance questions; transportation; general financial assistance

To speak with a social worker, call 215-955-8370.

Nutrition Services for Cancer Patients

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center's registered dietitians are available to provide you with personalized and evidence-based medical nutrition therapy. Good nutrition can help improve your tolerance and response to treatments and help you recover afterwards. Our registered dietitians work closely with your doctor to ensure that your nutrition plan is personalized to your needs and the type of treatment you are receiving. 

Registered Dietitians help with:

  • Managing nutrition-related side effects during and after treatment
  • Understanding safe food handling and preparation
  • Preventing weight-gain or weight-loss during treatment
  • Following special or restricted diets during cancer treatment
  • Learning about diet to reduce your cancer risk  

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 267-955-1800.

Financial Assistance Services

Trained financial counselors are available to help answer questions about your insurance coverage and to help those who are uninsured or underinsured apply for the coverage they need. In addition, many drug companies offer assistance to patients who may not be able to afford their medications due to financial hardship. Our drug replacement specialists will help patients find out if they qualify for this type of assistance.

Cancer Survivorship Program

Being a cancer survivor can mean different things to different people. Some say a patient becomes a survivor at first diagnosis. Others may feel one must complete a treatment regimen and be "cancer free" to be considered a survivor. At Jefferson's Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in Philadelphia, we accept both schools of thought and recognize how important it is for survivors of all types to have necessary information and support to cope with a cancer diagnosis.

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center's Cancer Survivorship Program helps you understand what it means to be a cancer survivor and what to expect from your cancer diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. Our Survivorship platform includes biannual conferences featuring keynote speakers and several breakout sessions to give cancer patients, survivors and caregivers a better understanding of survivorship and what comes next after a cancer diagnosis. This is a free event open to all cancer patients and survivors.