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Radiation Therapies for Breast Cancer

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radiation therapy for breast cancer

Radiation therapy for breast cancer treatment is offered by Jefferson's radiation oncologists, using sophisticated technology to help treat breast cancer. Jefferson was one of the U.S. hospitals that helped develop standard radiation dosages for the best therapeutic and cosmetic results following lumpectomy surgery.

Radiation therapies include:

  • Active Breathing Coordination (ABC) - This technology protects the heart and other organs from damaging radiation during therapy. Jefferson Radiation Oncologists were the 1st in the Delaware Valley to provide Active Breathing Coordination to treat breast cancer with radiation therapy.
  • 3-D Conformal Breast Irradiation (3-D-CRT) - This is where multiple breast radiation therapy treatment fields are used to deliver precise doses of radiation therapy to the breast and spare surrounding tissue.
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) - This is a specialized way of delivering radiation treatment for breast cancer that allows the radiation to be more exactly shaped to fit the tumor.
  • Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) - This is when radiation is used to treat breast cancer by delivering radiation to only part of the breast over five days.
  • Hyperfractionated Whole Breast Radiation (HR) - This is done by using a higher radiation dose per treatment, so that patients require about half as many sessions (15 to 16 treatments over three to four weeks) to achieve the same total treatment dose.

Breast Radiation Oncologist Appointment

To arrange an appointment with our breast radiation oncologists, call our breast care coordinator, Rita Battaglini, RN, at 215-955-5120.

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