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Psoriasis Center

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Psoriasis Center

Established in 2009, the Jefferson Psoriasis Center's goal is to improve the services available to patients with the commonly undertreated disease of psoriasis in the greater Philadelphia area.

Our physicians treat patients with mild to severe psoriasis with multiple therapeutic modalities including light therapy, systemic medications such as biologics and, of course, topical treatments.

The Center has a particular focus on treating each patient as an individual and implementing light therapy with other modalities to obtain a good outcome with the least possible treatment-related side effects.

The Center has a narrow-band UVB/PUVA unit for whole body treatment as well as a hand/foot unit for PUVA treatment. As the Center grows, clinical trials will further expand the options available to patients.

Make an Appointment

Appointments can be scheduled for Thursday afternoons. Call 215-955-9295 for more information or 1-800-JEFF-NOW (1-800-533-3669) to make an appointment.

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