Jefferson University Hospitals

Preparing for Your Visit

Your Child's Safety

Our patients' safety is our first concern. The Hospital has strict rules about access to our Nursery and Pediatric areas; our staff have been trained in security procedures. Security systems have been installed to help protect your child, including door locks, cameras and an electronic patient protection system.

While your child is in the hospital, he/she wears a small tag around their ankle or wrist. This tag provides protection to your child at all times. If anyone tries to remove the tag, or take your child through a protected exit without permission, an alarm will sound at the nurses' station. The tag is fully waterproof and won't cause skin irritations.

In addition, all Jefferson employees wear ID badges. Please help us ensure your child's safety:

  • Do not permit your child to go with anyone who is not wearing an ID.
  • Ask to see the ID of any one who comes in contact with your child.

Visiting Your Child

Please visit as often as possible. Your child needs the special attention and love that you as a parent can give.

Admission and Discharge

On your child’s admission day, please complete the Guidelines for Visitation and Discharge form listing any person(s) that may visit when you are not present and identify the person to whom your child may be discharged. On the day of discharge, your child will be allowed to leave only with the person identified on the form. This person must have a picture ID. This helps ensure the safety of all children.

Guidelines for Parents

Your visits are important to your child’s well-being. One parent or guardian is permitted to stay overnight at the bedside. We encourage you to participate in your child’s care when possible. This provides the opportunity to learn how to care for your child if needed. Please wear appropriate sleep attire. We understand that many parents have other responsibilities and are unable to be with their child 24 hours a day. In fact, we encourage you to take care of yourself by getting enough rest and eating nutritious meals. When you are unable to be with your child at the hospital, please call the unit at 215-955-6511 to discuss your child’s care. For your privacy and to allow us more time to care for our patients, we ask that only parents call the nurse’s desk.

Guidelines for Family and Friends

  • All visitors must have current immunizations, be free of illness, and not have been exposed to infectious diseases within the previous three weeks. No one with a fever, cold or diarrhea may visit.
  • Only two visitors, including parents may be at the bedside at one time.
  • Visitors over the age of 13 may visit according to hospital policy from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • One parent may spend the night in the patient’s room.
  • Siblings under the age of 13 may possibly be allowed to visit if arrangements are made with your child’s nurse. It is the parent’s responsibility to supervise other children at all times.
  • If your child is in isolation, you will be required to wear protective attire as instructed by the nurse.

For Your Convenience

The floor has a playroom with toys, books and games for your child. Any child in the playroom must be accompanied by an adult. For your child’s entertainment, we also have Nintendo, a VCR and a movie list available upon request.

A kitchen and lounge area is available for your comfort and convenience. Please label any food placed in the kitchen refrigerator with your child’s name, room number and date.

We provide your child with laundered undershirts, pajamas, blankets and diapers. To help your child feel more at home during this stay, you may want to bring an item from home such as a special toy, blanket or picture.

Please check with your nurse if you have any questions. Our staff is here to help you and your child.