Jefferson University Hospitals

Special Rehabilitation Programs

Jefferson Rehabilitation offers a number of essential services to people recovering from injury, surgery or a disease. Those outpatient rehabilitation programs are:

Amputee Program

The Amputee Program offers services to people who have undergone lower extremity amputations through their many stages of recovery, with the goal of returning to their prior level of function. Services provided in conjunction with input from our physician specialists and prosthetist/orthotists.

Balance/Vestibular Program

The Balance/Vestibular Program is designed to thoroughly evaluate the origin of your balance/vestibular symptoms. During the evaluation, the physical therapist will assess eye, head and body movement, as well as balance and gait. The individualized treatment plan is designed to decrease dizziness, improve balance and mobility. Our balance/vestibular therapist is certified in vestibular rehabilitation by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

Hand Therapy Program

The Hand Therapy Program offers essential services to people recovering from injury, surgery or a disease process involving the elbow, wrist or hand. Common conditions treated include fractures, tendinopathies, repetitive stress injuries, postsurgical repair and arthritic and neurological conditions. Certified hand therapists (CHTs) are available on staff.

Lymphedema Program

The Lymphedema Program addresses extremity dysfunction due to swelling. This may result from a primary medical condition, secondary to surgery or from treatment of certain types of cancer. Our treatment program is designed to decrease swelling and maximize function and may include manual lymph drainage, compressive therapy exercises and skin care.

Microcurrent Program

Frequency specific microcurrent is an exciting new modality being used in conjunction with traditional therapy techniques. As the name implies, specific frequency combinations are delivered with micro amperage electrical current at a subsensory level, and, is effective in treating multiple conditions, particularly nerve and muscle pain.

Pediatric Program

The Pediatric Program utilizes a family-centered approach to care. An individualized evaluation and treatment plan is designed for the infant or child with developmental delays, motor skill disorders, sensory integration problems and difficulty with speech/language skill and/or feeding/swallowing disorders. Our pediatric team of occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech-language pathologists work closely with families and their physicians to help children reach their full potential.

Speech-Language Program

The Speech-Language Program specializes in communication, speech, voice and swallowing problems. These problems may arise from strokes, neurological disorders, head and neck cancers, vocal fold lesions or laryngopharyngeal reflux problems. Our speech-language pathologists and voice specialists assess and treat swallowing and voice problems using videofluoroscopic swallow studies and fiberoptic techniques. Our voice specialists are certified in the Lee Silverman Voice Therapy Program and use state-of-the-art techniques to rehabilitate the singing and speaking voice. Our speech-language pathologists are an integral part of the Jefferson Voice and Swallowing Center.

Work Fitness Program

The Work Fitness Program offers an array of comprehensive services to help the injured worker safely return to productive employment. Physical and occupational therapists work closely with referring physicians, employer representatives and nurse case managers to provide a seamless continuum of care. A job specific work conditioning program is designed to promote proper body movement and posture. This assists the injured worker to make the transition back to healthy employment.