Jefferson University Hospitals

Volunteer Services

Immunization Review

The host department is responsible for ensuring volunteers, observers and visiting medical students have been connected to the appropriate office for processing. All volunteers, observers and visiting students must complete an Immunization Documentation Form required by Jefferson. This form details the requirements that must be completed in advance of arrival and placement.

It can take four to six weeks to complete all of the immunization requirements. JOHN does not provide immunizations to Volunteers/Observers. If upon review of the immunization documentation form, it is determined that the requirements have not been met, the Volunteer/Observer will be directed back to the processing department. They will also be referred to a facility that will provide the service for a fee. The Volunteer/Observer is responsible for the cost of receiving these services.

Annual Tuberculosis Screening & Influenza Vaccination

OHN performs the annual tuberculosis screening and provides the influenza vaccination as a complimentary service to active Volunteers. Volunteers and Observers must present a valid Jefferson ID badge to receive these services. Please check out the Tuberculosis Screening/PPD and Influenza Vaccination Program sections for additional details about these services.

International Visitors

International visitors and observers coming to Jefferson are currently included in the volunteer category and must follow the same process in order to begin any assignment, visit or observership with a department. All international visitors must undergo a health screening in the Jefferson Occupational Health Network for Employees & Students prior to the start of any volunteer activity.

The Volunteer/International Visitor Immunization Form must be complete prior to arrival for review at the Jefferson Occupational Health Network for Employees & Students. Requirements include documentation of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, Hepatitis-B vaccine, Hepatitis-B surface antibody and pertussis vaccine along with recent tuberculosis screening. Hepatitis-B vaccine and Hepatitis-B surface antibody are also required for those in patient care areas.

In addition, documentation of the current seasonal influenza vaccination is required prior to arrival to Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital. In the event of specialized research work within the University, the Office of Human Research will communicate with University Health Services to identify specific vaccines to be administered in the Jefferson Occupational Health Network for Employees & Students.

Visitors who present to JOHN with incomplete forms are not permitted to start their volunteer or visitor activity in accordance with Jefferson policy. Those visitors with incomplete forms will be referred to an outside office for completion of the requirements at their own expense. A return visit to JOHN for a final review and approval of the completed immunization form is required.

International volunteers or visitors whose stay lasts more than one year must comply with the host department's annual health requirements. If a visitor/volunteer is injured as a result of his/her work at Thomas Jefferson University/Hospital, the Jefferson Occupational Health Network for Employees & Students will evaluate the injury in cooperation with the Workers Compensation Department. An accident report must be completed.

Role-Specific Vaccinations

Under certain circumstances, the nature of the tasks a Volunteer performs while at Jefferson requires them to have immunity to specific diseases. When an immunization, i.e., rabies vaccine, is specific to the assignment/role the person has been placed into as a Volunteer, JOHN will provide the immunizations. In addition, there will be no cost to the Volunteer for this service.