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Matriculating Students

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New COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Thomas Jefferson University is requiring that students returning to campus have completed full vaccination with a U.S. FDA authorized COVID-19 vaccine. The deadline to document full vaccination is August 1,2021 and should be submitted to the COVID-19 Vaccine database. Non-compliance could impact a student's academic progression and may violate The University's Community Standards.

Please visit COVID Vaccination Policy for further details.

Pre-Matriculation Health Requirements

Matriculating Jefferson students in the Center City campus must complete and submit the pre-matriculation health requirements no later than 30 days prior to the first day of class. Jefferson Occupational Health Network for Employees & Students (JOHN) will conduct a final review of the forms and approve them. Jefferson employees (Center City & Methodist campus only) that are matriculating into a program follow the steps under the Matriculating Jefferson Employees header below.

IMPORTANT! Consequence of non-compliance: additional fees, exclusion from clinical sites and/or blocked access to Blackboard/Banner on the first day of class.

Please follow the steps listed below to comply with the requirements. The requirements may take several weeks to complete.

  1. Read the Student Cover Letter.
  2. Determine which category of requirements your program is in by reading the Medical Record Requirements by Category Assignment.
  3. Download the appropriate forms:
    1. For Category A programs, select the Pre-matriculation Physical Evaluation Category A form.
    2. For Category B programs, select the Pre-matriculation Physical Evaluation Category B form.
    3. For Category C programs, select the Pre-matriculation Physical Evaluation Category C form.
    4. If you are an incoming student who is planning to live in Jefferson housing, you must receive the meningococcal vaccine or complete the Meningococcal Exemption form.

Take the form to your healthcare provider to complete. Before your visit, review the requirements to ensure you and your healthcare provider understand the requirements. On the day of your visit, bring all of your previous immunization records and prior titer results to make your visit with your healthcare provider efficient and productive. Please note, on page 5 of the form for Categories A & B a physical exam must be done within one year of your start.

Submitting Documentation*

We use Complio powered by American DataBank, an online immunization and compliance tracking system. Complio allows you to electronically submit documentation for review.

The Complio process has five basic steps to complete.

  1. Create your account in Complio.
  1. Upload the form and supporting documentation specified for your program.
  2. Enter details for each immunization requirement in the Required Compliance Categories.
  3. Update information that changes over time, such as shots received in a series.
  4. Check the Complio website regularly to monitor your progress with meeting the deadline. Please read the messages in the Complio account under Administrator's Comments, which will outline deficiencies.

Your Overall Compliance Status will be either ;“Compliant” or “Not Compliant.” Please note, your account will remain Not Compliant until you have entered information to complete all requirements & the information you have entered has been approved by Jefferson Occupational Health Network for Employees & Students.

American DataBank will do an initial verification of documents and data entered within 1-3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). If applicable the data will be released to Jefferson Occupational Health Network for Employees & Students for a final review, this can take an additional 3 business days.

Maintaining ADB Complio Account*

In order to maintain updated records and to ensure eligibility to enter the clinical setting, current students must renew their account annually. You must maintain your Complio subscription during your full enrollment period at Jefferson.

  1. Please log in to Complio regularly
  2. Update information that changes over time (e.g. shots received in a series, annual TB screenings &/or flu vaccine)

Simply checking your dashboard periodically will show you what is coming up due, and keep you in good standing.

*Students who submit documentation to any other source (e.g., clinical instructor, course coordinator) will still be considered non-compliant until ADB Complio has the necessary documentation.

Questions regarding Complio, your account or your status may be addressed by email through the ADB Complio Communication Center or to or by phone at 1-800-200-0853 between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT, Monday through Friday. Questions regarding requirements, please call Jefferson Occupational Health Network at 215-955-6835 or by e-mail at

Matriculating Jefferson Employees

Matriculating Jefferson Employees (Center City & Methodist only) that will stay employed at Jefferson during their enrollment as a student are not required to create a Complio account for immunization tracking at this time. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the appropriate Pre-matriculation Physical Evaluation form for your program.
  2. Fill out pages 2 & 3 of the form and bring it to the Jefferson Occupational Health Network for Employees & Students to have your employee medical records evaluated.