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Occupational Exposures


Get more information on occupational exposures from needlesticks, sharps injuries, splashes, etc. (accessible by Jefferson staff and students only)

What to Do for an Occupational Exposure to Body Fluids (Needlestick or Splash)

If you have sustained an exposure to a body fluid from one of your patients, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Wash the exposed area with soap and water. DO NOT USE BLEACH.
  2. If a fluid splashed in your eye, rinse with tap water or with sterile saline.
  3. If a fluid splashed in your eye, remove your contacts immediately.
  4. Advise your supervisor that you have been exposed.
  5. Complete the accident report online through PeopleSoft Employee Self-serve System if you are an employee.  Students will complete an accident report in OHN.
  6. Report to JOHN at 833 Chestnut Street, Suite 204 (when OHN is closed report to the Emergency Department) as soon as possible. 
  7. Know your patient's name, DOB and MR# as well as the name of the attending physician of the source patient.
  8. Source patient testing (hospitalized) can be ordered through Epic by selecting:
    “Needlestick Inpatient Evaluation” on the drop down menu.
    (Includes STAT HIV antigen/antibody, hepatitis C antibody, hepatitis B surface antigen)
  9. Source patient testing (outpatient population) should include:
    STAT HIV antigen/antibody, hepatitis C antibody, hepatitis B surface antigen.

OHN will discuss the risks of your exposure and advise whether or not further treatment or evaluation is necessary. All testing in OHN is performed free of charge for Jefferson employees and students. Please call 215-955-6835 with any questions.

If you are a Jefferson student at an affiliate, please call our office as soon as possible. You may opt to be seen at an emergency department, and the visit will be billed to your insurance. Follow up in OHN is recommended on the next business day. Questions may be directed to Dr. O’Connor at