Jefferson University Hospitals

Current Students

For more information about our services, please visit our FAQ section.

  • Tuberculosis testing is done free of charge for returning students.
  • Influenza vaccinations are administered free of charge starting in September of each year.
  • Students required to have an annual physical examination by their program may have it in UHS free of charge.
  • Health insurance required for all students
  • Many different plans and coverage – important to know your plan
  • Visits to OHN for illness – no charge at all
  • Lab test or x-rays ordered will be billed through the student’s insurance
  • Nurse practitioners and medical director available to evaluate illness
  • Walk in hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 – 11:00am and 1:00pm – 3:30pm
  • No charge for the visit
  • Referrals are given to Jefferson OB/GYN for annual PAP smears/exams.
  • General evaluations of acute problems are performed in OHN with potential referral.
  • Consultations are provided to current students without charge.
  • Appointments requested and suggested time frame is 6 weeks prior to departure.
  • Prescriptions provided for certain vaccinations (Hepatitis A, typhoid, etc.).
  • OHN it not a licensed yellow fever vaccination site.
  • Travel Medicine Services can be accessed by calling 215-955-0860 for a discounted fee.


We understand you need to have a form completed for a rotation during your fourth year at an away rotation.  Please review the following:

  1. It is important for you to read the form and understand what is required. There are many different requirements and they may not match what you have in JOHN. Please do not assume you have all that you need.
  2. Please complete your personal information at the top of the form before handing them in. That includes your name (legibly printed), date of birth and whatever demographic information is requested by the outside institution.
  3. If your annual TB screen is out of date or if you have not had the flu vaccine, we cannot send the form. We will help you update the TB screen and get the flu vaccine prior to sending the form.
  4. If you need additional labs not required by OHN, we can order these through your insurance. A common extra test is the quantitative hepatitis B surface antibody.
  5. If you need a urine drug screen and we have nothing on file in OHN or a more recent test is needed, we can provide this test for a collection fee.  The OHN staff can provide you with the cost.
  6. The cost of completing forms is $10 cash or check due when the forms are presented for completion.
  7. We can return forms if:

    • you complete a self-addressed envelope.
    • you provide fax to a specific number and person.
    • you pick-up the forms in person.
    • you provide your email address.
  8. Please allow 5 working days to complete the forms.

Thank you for your understanding.

  • Each school has a different set of requirements for affiliates.
  • Please follow your program’s directions.
  • Last minute clearances are difficult.
  • OHN determines a student’s ability to be in clinical rotations or in class if ill.
  • Documentation of the visit will be provided to the student if seen in OHN.
  • OHN cannot provide documentation post-illness if OHN was not consulted at the time of the illness.

The Student Personal Counseling Center provides counseling for many issues that affect students such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems and academic concerns.