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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Tests & Treatments

Jefferson Health Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology provides specialized diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic conditions in children and young adults. Our treatments are individualized based on each patient’s unique needs, and include the following:

Complex Contraception
Taking medications for complex medical conditions may affect periods or interact with hormonal medication. Your provider will work with you to figure out the safest and best birth control and menstrual management options for you.

Some people are born with excess hymenal tissue that may prevent them from being able to use tampons or have sexual intercourse. Occasionally, excess hymenal tissue can prevent periods from starting and cause pain. We can correct these hymenal variants with a simple procedure called a hymenectomy to remove the excess tissue.

Laparoscopic Surgery
Although the mainstay of treatment for pelvic pain is hormonal medications, we may perform a diagnostic laparoscopy for diagnosis and additional treatment. Laparoscopic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery that involves the insertion of an endoscope, a thin, flexible tube with a tiny video camera, through one or more small incisions.

Menstrual Management
We offer many options for hormonal management of periods, whether you are experiencing heavy bleeding, irregular or painful periods and PMS. Your provider will work with you to figure out which options will work best for you.

Ovarian Cystectomy
We may perform surgical removal of ovarian cysts that are large, cause pain and/or will not resolve on their own. Ovarian Cystectomy can almost always be done laparoscopically through three small incisions, which does not require an overnight stay in the hospital.

Vaginal Creation or Reconstruction
We are experts in both non-surgical and surgical methods of creating a functional vagina space.