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Obstetrics & Gynecology


We offer a host of patient education resources in addition to our Parent & Family education classes.

Labor & Delivery Unit Tours

Take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art, safety-focused Labor & Delivery unit in the Pavilion Building to see the full spectrum of your time here, including 360-degree views and photo galleries, from the early labor rooms to the renovated post-partum rooms to the newborn nursery. For an optimal experience, we recommend viewing the tour on Google Chrome or Firefox.



CenteringPregnancy® is a group prenatal care program that offers extended, 2-hour sessions with individual provider check-ins and group education sessions with expectant parents with similar due dates. Contact the CenteringPregnancy® team at 215-955-4642 to find out if CenteringPregnancy® is the right prenatal care approach for you and your family.

Baby-Friendly® Breastfeeding Counseling

As a Baby-Friendly®-certified hospital, our providers, lactation consultants and nurses are specially trained to help you achieve your personal feeding goals for your baby. While on the Labor & Delivery unit, we educate expectant parents on the benefits of breastfeeding and infant bonding so you feel more prepared caring for your newborn. Learn more about breastfeeding and what it means to be Baby-Friendly®.