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Jefferson Health Obstetrics & Maternity Care uses a team approach to co-manage many conditions that impact pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding. Your team of providers will consist of women’s health nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, obstetricians and Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists to ensure you receive the right level of care at the right time. We have decades of experience and expertise managing obstetrical conditions, including the following:

Advanced Maternal Age
If you are pregnant over the age of 35, you are considered to be of advanced maternal age. Our experienced obstetrical team are experts at caring for patients who are of advanced maternal age.

Also called nursing, breastfeeding is the process of feeding breast milk to an infant. Our providers, nurses and lactation specialists are specially trained to offer breastfeeding consultation to help you achieve your personal goals for infant feeding.

Breast inflammation, called mastitis, is usually caused by a bacterial infection and is associated with swelling, pain and redness. Mastitis most commonly occurs while breastfeeding, and our dedicated lactation team is here to help.

Multiple Pregnancy
If you are pregnant with two or more fetuses, our dedicated team of obstetricians, Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists and advanced practice nurses will closely monitor your pregnancy and provide advanced interventions, if needed, to ensure the health of you and your babies throughout pregnancy and labor and delivery.

Poor Fetal Growth
Fetal growth restriction is a condition in which an unborn baby does not grow to normal weight inside the uterus and the baby is estimated to weigh less than the 10th percentile of babies at the same gestational age. Given the increased risk of certain health conditions, our obstetricians and advanced practice nurses closely monitor the baby’s weight throughout pregnancy.

Preeclampsia, or hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, is a pregnancy condition characterized by high blood pressure. Preeclampsia is a leading cause of illness, and even death, in pregnant patients and their babies. Our team is experienced in the management and prevention of this high-risk condition.

Our obstetricians and advanced practice nurses are among the best in the Philadelphia region for managing your pregnancy and welcoming your baby into the world. Right from the start of your pregnancy, through delivery and beyond, our highly skilled team will give you and your baby all of the personal attention and care you need.

Preterm Birth
The birth of a baby at less than 37 weeks, compared to the usual gestational age of 40 weeks, is considered “preterm.” Our team has been nationally recognized for providing the best evidence-based treatments for preterm birth prevention. Our high-risk pregnancy team leads national guidelines and research in preterm birth prediction and prevention. We have the opportunity to participate in a number of clinical trials on interventions for preventing preterm birth in high-risk pregnancies.

Short Cervix
A short cervix, under 25 millimeters, increases the chances of preterm birth. Our high-risk pregnancy team has extensive experience detecting a short cervix via ultrasound and treating a short cervix via hormonal medication and/or outpatient surgery to prevent preterm birth.

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