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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Jefferson Health Family Planning team is here to answer all of your questions, starting with the frequently asked questions below.

Are contraceptives safe?

Contraceptives are extremely safe. Our goal at Jefferson Health Family Planning is to help you find the contraceptive option that is right for you. Some patients with certain medical conditions can’t use certain contraceptives. We will guide you throughout the decision-making process to align on a contraceptive choice that is safe for you based on your unique circumstances. We are here to help you meet your pregnancy prevention and menstrual cycle control needs.

If I have an abortion, will I be infertile?

Abortion is an incredibly safe medical procedure and does not lead to infertility. In fact, it is safer to have an abortion in the first trimester than it is to have a pregnancy and childbirth.

How long will the abortion procedure take?

A first trimester uterine evacuation procedure takes approximately 5-10 minutes. A second trimester uterine evacuation procedure takes approximately 10-20 minutes. If you’re having a procedure in an operating room, the time in the operating room will be approximately an hour for either procedure.

More Questions?

Please speak with your provider or call us at 215-955-5000. You can also view additional Frequently Asked Questions about managing your Jefferson Health OBGYN visit.