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Providing the full spectrum of advanced treatments for Pelvic Floor Disorders (PFDs)

Our Comprehensive Urogynecology & Female Pelvic Medicine program offers its patients an expansive range of treatment options, backed by research. We have experts in every type of PFD treatment in the following treatment areas:

Clinical Trials
We are actively involved in research to identify new treatment options. To learn more about current Comprehensive Urogynecology & Female Pelvic Medicine clinical trials, please speak with your provider or contact our research coordinator at

Cosmetic Gynecology
Procedures that may not be medically necessary, but are performed to either improve function and/or appearance.

Integrative Medicine
A combination of mainstream medicine and top-quality, evidence-based complementary and alternative treatments. Such treatment can include diet and nutrition, herbals, vitamins, minerals and supplements, manual therapy and massage, acupuncture, meditation, yoga and other stress reduction and relaxation techniques.

May be recommended for urinary urgency, urinary frequency, urge incontinence, interstitial cystitis and pelvic floor spasms (also called myofascial pain syndrome). We offer non-opioid, non-narcotic treatment options for these conditions. In complex cases, referral to pain management may be needed for a multidisciplinary approach to urogenital pain.

Neuromodulation Therapy
Application of low-voltage electrical stimulation to nerve regions associated with PFDs. Examples include Sacral Nerve Stimulation for incontinence and Percutaneous Tibial Neuromodulation (PTNM) for overactive bladder.

Pessary Management
A temporary or permanent nonsurgical solution in which a removable device is inserted into the vagina to support the pelvic floor for pelvic organ prolapse or urinary incontinence.

Physical Therapy
Jefferson Rehabilitation, Jefferson’s outpatient rehabilitation and physical therapy facilities, offers a Pelvic Floor Rehab Program focused on conditions affecting the pelvis and the pelvic floor muscles.

Regenerative Medicine
A leading-edge approach to treat female sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain and/or tissue stretches or tears associated with PFDs. Regenerative medicine incorporates micro-RNAs and plasma-rich proteins (PRP) to treat certain PFDs, including pudendal neuralgia, SUI, orgasm dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse.

Sexual Health Therapies
Therapies offered for enhancement of female sexual health, including behavioral techniques, pharmacotherapy and regenerative medicine.

Surgery may be necessary if a patient does not respond to nonsurgical options, or both the patient and their physician determine that a PFD warrants more invasive therapy. For those patients who do require surgery, we offer a range of advanced surgical techniques, including robotic, endoscopic (laparoscopy and cystoscopy) and vaginal surgeries.