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When it comes to a cancer diagnosis, it's not just the patient that is affected. Families of cancer patients need a network of support to address the profound impact that cancer has on every facet of life. Interdisciplinary supportive medicine, offered through the Neu Center for Supportive Medicine and Cancer Survivorship, provides patients and their families the services they need to tackle the emotional and physical stresses associated with a diagnosis of cancer.

A New Addition to Jefferson's Cancer Program

Working in concert with the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (SKCC) at Jefferson as a fully-integrated part of its multidisciplinary cancer program, the Neu Center for Supportive Medicine and Cancer Survivorship provides a proactive, engaging support geared toward achieving the best quality of life throughout an otherwise stressful time.

There's no pressure for patients to do anything in order to reap the benefits of the Neu Center for Supportive Medicine and Cancer Survivorship.

At the time of diagnosis, a patient is met by a social worker or care navigator who will provide a distress screening. Based on that screening, Jefferson is able to determine which kind of multi-disciplinary team works for an individual patient and their family.

Our program includes physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual and recreational support. We also provide assistance in navigating through the challenges of work and managing responsibilities at home.

Services provided by the Neu Center for Supportive Medicine and Cancer Survivorship are included as part of a Jefferson patient's oncologic care.

What is Supportive Medicine or Care All About?

Supportive care is focused on providing patients of any age and at any stage of their disease with relief from the symptoms, pain and stress associated with their illness, regardless of the diagnosis and prognosis. The goal of Supportive Medicine is to improve quality of life for both patients and their families by providing:

  • A specially trained staff of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, navigators, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers, pastoral care and administrators who work closely with patients, their families, and oncologists, and others to provide integrated care and patient support – through the trajectory of the disease of your cancer.
  • An extra layer of integrated support to patients and their families along the course of cancer care – from surgery to radiation and chemotherapy. Services can be provided in the office, hospital, through telemedicine (video conferences using a mobile device or laptop), at skilled nursing facilities or in the patient’s home.
  • Programs that include specialists from a variety of disciplines. Services vary depending on patient and family preferences, but may include:
    • Help in planning for care after leaving the hospital.
    • Help and support dedicated to talking with children about cancer and how this affects the entire family.
    • Pain and symptom management for nausea and fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression or anorexia, among others.
    • Nutrition support.
    • Individual and family counseling to support open communication between patient, family and care team.
    • Emotional and spiritual support, offered with respect and concern for each individual’s needs and preferences.
    • Re-engagement with activities of daily living and connection to disease specific survivorship programs at Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center.
    • Assistance with treatment choices and decisions, including clarifying the goals of care.
    • End-of-life care to relieve pain and symptoms and to assist patients with advanced disease live life to the fullest, with quality and dignity.
    • Bereavement support and referral.

A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event – for patients and their families. Having the right circle of support can be the most important part of cancer treatment. We're here to help.

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Currently, the Neu Center for Supportive Medicine and Cancer Survivorship is only available to patients treated at our Center City campus. To learn more, call 215-955-1888.