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Movement Disorders Program

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Jefferson's Movement Disorders Program serves as a tertiary care center for the Philadelphia region's most complex and challenging cases of chronic neurological disease.

Movement disorders treated at Jefferson include Parkinson's disease and related forms of parkinsonism, tremors, dystonia, Huntington's chorea, Tourette's syndrome, ataxia, myoclonus and gait disorders.

The Program offers patient-centered care incorporating the latest medical, surgical, psychological and rehabilitative therapies.

Patients will also have the opportunity to participate in investigational clinical trials and research. In conjunction with the Department of Neurosurgery, deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery is available for the treatment of medically refractory Parkinson's disease, tremor and dystonia.

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Call 1-800-JEFF-NOW (1-800-533-3669) to make an appointment with a Jefferson Health Movement Disorders specialist.

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