Jefferson University Hospitals

Our Midwives


Laniece Coleman, DNP, CNM

Laniece Coleman is the director of Jefferson's midwifery program and centering pregnancy facilitator. She is a trained doula, as well as a master trainer in Team STEPPS/AHRQ/Department of Defense and master trainer in JHPIEGO’s Helping Mothers Survive Bleeding After Birth. Her clinical interests include developing collaborative practice models, interprofessional education, and reducing healthcare disparities/birth equity.



Mari-Carmen Farmer, MSN, CNM

Certified as both a medical interpreter and a centering pregnancy facilitator Mari-Carmen is fluent in Spanish and a basic understanding of French. She takes great interest in health equity and anti-racism at work, as well as addressing trauma in obstetric workers, interprofessional collaboration, and narrative medicine. When she is not at work, Mari-Carmen can be found writing, hiking, gardening, or taking photographs.



Jatolloa Davis, MSN, CNM

A Philadelphia native, Jatolloa is a graduate of both the University of Pittsburgh (for her BSN) and the University of Pennsylvania (for her MSN). Her clinical interests include health equity/advocacy, reproductive justice, diversifying midwifery, multidisciplinary care teams, community health and education, and inclusive and person-centered care. Jatolloa’s hobbies include yoga, drumming, and community building.



Megan Duffy, MSN, CNM

A multi-lingual centering pregnancy facilitator (she is fluent in Spanish and English), Megan has practiced in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and right here in Philadelphia.       





Hannah Holena, MSN, CNM

A centering pregnancy certified facilitator, Hannah’s clinical interests include healthcare equity, urban health/public health, and reproductive justice/contraception/family planning. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, traveling, and parenting.




Rebecca Prosser, MSN, CNM

Rebecca holds three titles here at Jefferson’s Midwifery Program: Certified Nurse Midwife, Certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, and Centering Pregnancy Facilitator.





Leandra Santos, MSN, CNM

A multi-lingual midwife (both Spanish and English), Leandra cares deeply about LGBTQI access and reproductive care across the lifespan. 






Julie Visk, MSN, CNM

With a background in nursing, Julie provides doula-training (comfort strategies for natural labor/labor support) and lactation support for patients. Julie, who fluently speaks Spanish and English, has clinical interests that include reducing health disparities, advocacy, reproductive justice, abortion care, trauma-informed care, LGBTQIA health, increasing access to midwifery care, and educating the next generation of physicians, midwives, nurses, and healthcare clinicians.



Elsa Waldman, MSN, CNM

The daughter of a home birth midwife and a University of Pennsylvania (BSN/MSN) and Skidmore College graduate, the multi-lingual Elsa (both Spanish and English) is trained in Centering, Spinning Babies, doula, and breastfeeding education/support. Elsa is passionate about integrating and deepening midwives presence in hospitals to ensure access for all types of families, especially those who are new to the United States or unable to afford out-of-hospital care. Elsa is a mother of two.